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USTA Jr. Team Tennis in Utica

April 8, 2010 04:13 PM

Want to be part of a team and play tennis matches all summer? Want to have the chance to advance to a National Championshing?
Last year a team in Albany and a team in Buffalo each won their Jr. Team Tennis division at Nationals. It is time for Utica to represent!

Basics of USTA Jr. Team Tennis

1. 2 teams of 6-12 kids (3-6 boys and 3-6 girls per team). You put together your own team, or you get can put on a team.

2. Cost: $18 for USTA Jr. membership (unless already member); $28 for registration and t-shirt; whatever costs we incur for courts and/or pro fees. If you play indoors or have matches indoors, the fee for courts is shared by both teams (usually $6-10 per player). If you choose to have a pro and pay them, then that fee would be added.

3. Time frame:

Summer League starts at the end of April /beginning of May. Teams advance to Regional Championships in August.
Winter League starts in October. Teams advance to Regional Championships in April. If all goes well, then Section Championships in June and even Nationals.

There will be an informational meeting on April 27 at 7:30 pm held at the Parkway Tennis Courts - in the upstairs loft of the building. If you are interested for summer or winter, please come with a parent. If you wish to be a coach, please come to the meeting.

Contact Patti Buckley at 315-941-9021 or happy2smile@msn.com with any questions.