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CTC Rally Day a Success at the U.S. Military Academy

High-performing juniors from across USTA Eastern got a chance to compete and learn about our nation’s history at the section’s Annual Competitive Training Center (CTC) Rally Day on May 7.

The event, which was held this year at U.S. Military Academy at West Point, featured teams from five of the section’s CTCs, each of which provides extra training during the year for their region’s top players, age 13 and under. Each of the teams was allowed to have up to five boys and five girls.

The teams were from the Eastern regions: Metro, coached by Agnes Wiski; New Jersey, coached by Richard Schick, Emer Cruz, and Jon Magnes; Northern, coached by Peter Green; Southern, coached by Mark Savage and Nick Hummel; Western (Syracuse), coached by Andre Putyera.

At the event, the players competed in a round robin, participated in a raffle and awards ceremony, and received a tour of the historic campus. The tour gave the kids a chance to learn about the history of the Academy, and its important role in keeping the country safe.

"The Rally Day was a great experience for the kids," said Bliss. "They not only got a chance to compete and improve their skills, but they were also able to learn about the hard work and discipline it takes to succeed in the Army."

"And those are lessons that will help them both in tennis and throughout their lives," said Bliss.