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2013 Capital District Men’s Doubles Championships

March 8, 2013 06:23 PM

Do you think you and your partner are among the best teams in the area?  It’s time to find out!!

December 21-22, 2013

At the end of the 2013 Adult Tournament calendar season, the Northern Region will be hosting an invitation-only doubles tournament for the top 8 teams in the Capital District.  These teams will automatically include the winners of 4 prestigious events throughout the area, a top team put together by Siena College, and the Boys Section II champions; the remaining teams will be invited based on their sectional ranking.  The four tournaments with automatic qualifiers into the Doubles Championships are:


Ø  Saratoga Regional YMCA Adult Championships, April 20-21, at the YMCA

Ø  SCTA Summer Hardcourt Champs., July 20-21, at Schenectady Central Park

Ø  Tri County Open, August 31-September 2, at Ridgefield Park

Ø  Christmas Championships, December 7-8, at Tri-City Fitness



The Doubles Championships will be held at Tri-City Fitness on December 21-22, with a round robin format on Saturday, and the semi-finals and finals on Sunday.  If a player qualifies with more than one partner, they will have the choice of which partner to play with; partners can not be substituted.  This event will be overseen by the Northern Region Adult Competition Committee.